A keynote by David Bernard

Sometimes we get caught up in the routine of our daily lives, both at work and in life. Just like on a treadmill, we run out of steam as we tread water. This rhythm, governed by our automatic pilot, often leads to a lack of motivation and exhaustion. Delivered with humor and lightness, carried by stories and metaphors, this keynote offers participants the opportunity to learn to slow down strategically. In one sentence: Harmonize the relationship between your two most precious organs: the head… and the heart!


  1. Why slowing down is the most profitable thing you can do, especially if you are overwhelmed;
  2. The scientific difference between lucky and unlucky people;
  3. The importance of slowing down and taking an inner step back to understand where our focus is directed on a daily basis;
  4. Embracing change and facing adversity;
  5. Amplifying inner calm and sensory acuity by strategically slowing down;
  6. Cardiac Coherence, a powerful and easy to use tool.


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