The WOW Effect in Sales and Business Development

A keynote by Jasmin Bergeron

Sell more and keep customers coming back!

Creating a WOW effect in selling will increase the value of your offer for your client, while solidifying a long-term win-win relationship!

The challenge is significant because all clients and sales professionals are different, which makes forging high-quality relationships essential. Success requires many interpersonal skills and qualities, in communications as well as salesmanship. It is in this perspective that the keynote “The WOW Effect in Sales and Business Development” was developed.

This keynote is based on practiceinteraction and humor and was designed in cooperation with several high-performance sales advisors who stand out as much for their sales as for their long-term relationships with their clients. During the presentation, many principles, examples, testimonies and strategies that you can quickly apply will be suggested in order to make your experience as enriching as possible!


The WOW effect in sales!

  • Innovative practices to create a WOW for your clients
  • Boosting your credibility
  • Managing expectations and impressing clients
  • The impact of first and (particularly) final impressions

Building your client base

  • Positive effects of a global offer
  • Top business development strategies
  • Studies of consumer psychology

Enhancing customer loyalty

  • Seven key factors influencing client loyalty
  • Effective and time efficient follow-up techniques
  • Innovative strategies to improve customer loyalty

Solid tips for success

  • Principles and tools to enhance your offer’s appeal
  • Strategies for defusing client objections
  • Great tips for closing sales more easily—without pressure!
  • The first steps to practice what you have learned and create effective WOW effects to your clients after the presentation
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