The WOW Effect in Work-Life Balance

A keynote by Jasmin Bergeron

Balancing professional and personal lives is an achievable, attainable and rewarding challenge!

Especially with the recent events, balancing our professional and personal lives may appear to be an unreachable ideal, as well as an obstacle course! Changes in today’s working environment, evolution of the family unit and ever-increasing demands add stress to our lives. The Superman or Superwoman syndrome has become a cliché! Our need for harmony between time spent at work and in our personal life is a rising concern. Fortunately, we can maintain a healthy balance between the two! Combining professional achievement and parental accomplishment is possible but requires more than just good intentions! The keynote “The WOW Effect in Work-Life Balance” was built with this concept in mind.

This presentation was designed in cooperation with experts in stress management and parental advisors. We also consulted several people who are happy in their professional and personal lives and who stand out for their way of reconciling the two roles. In the keynote, Jasmin will discuss principles, examples, and strategies that you’ll be able to put into play quickly, for a rewarding learning experience!



  • Lifestyles of people with the best track records in balancing work and family
  • Strategies for targeting priorities
  • Overcoming guilt


  • Clear vision of work-family balance
  • Necessary or superfluous?
  • Surprise! Resources exist!
  • Flexibility all around!
  • Save your energy and eliminate energy-consuming relationships
  • Stop being the perfect parent! Letting go of perfectionism.


  • Time… quality versus quantity
  • Motto: organize, plan and… don’t forget yourself!
  • Active adaptation
  • The best apps for work-life balance
  • Escaping or harnessing the routine?


  • Inspiring strategies for balancing work and family
  • Useful techniques for saving time
  • Practical tips for creating WOW at work and in your personal life
  • The first steps to practice what you have learned and go toward a healthy work-life balance after the presentation
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