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Our history, our mission, our competitive advantage

Unisson … is first and foremost the idea of a passionate person who followed her passion to create Unisson!

We are a big family… the name of the agency represents it… we are in Unison. All of our speakers share the same values of heart, authenticity and contribution!

Unisson’s mission is to help and guide you towards the best selection of speakers, trainers and / or facilitators.

Our goal is for you to be congratulated for the high QUALITY of your event by both your managers and your attendees!

Tell us about your goals, your event and your organizational culture. We will find the perfect speaker, trainer or facilitator for you!

In order to be transparent, we assure you that the rates for speakers via Unisson are exactly the same as if you contacted them directly. For the same price, you therefore benefit from all the services below:

Our goal and our values

Our goal is for you to be congratulated for the high QUALITY of your event by both your managers and your attendees!

Our values and distinctions are:

  • Our listening and our team spirit
  • We value relationships more than transactions
  • We are very rigorous, without taking ourselves seriously
  • We combine expertise, service quality, professionalism and enthusiasm

The president Lucie Larouche

It wasn’t just a dream!

“Now it is clear to me that a dream, whatever it is, grows over time, with a lot of challenges but it is worthwhile!”

Unisson … is first and foremost the idea of a passionate person who followed her passion to create Unisson!

She is nicknamed the “Renée Angélil” of the speakers. Her desire is to simplify your selection process and to offer you “nothing but the best.” The speaker that best suits your budget and your event. You will appreciate her great professionalism, which translates into rigorous support, advice on logistics, as well as clear, efficient and rapid communications.

Her experience of the past 5 years with elite speakers, added to her 20 years in the business world including ten a self-employed entrepreneur, have allowed her to develop her expertise.

Her great listening skills, her dynamism, her availability and her incomparable determination set her apart! With a bachelor’s degree in Administration, she is also very passionate about travel and people.

Her smile and her joie de vivre are very contagious!

Sales expert of speakers Éric Galipeau

Éric Galipeau

Éric Galipeau

Sales Expert of Speakers

“The best way to be successful is to help others to be successful!”

Eric has worked for over 14 years as a sales expert of speakers and trainers. Over the years, he has successfully met the needs of hundreds of businesses, associations and private and public organizations.

With his contagious energy, humor and boundless curiosity, Eric has all the experience and attributes required to help you find the best person for your event.

Combining experience, creativity and versatility, Eric deploys his range of skills and expertise to guide you towards the best choice according to your needs and expectations. His extensive knowledge of various industries and a host of hot topics is invaluable!

Let’s work together “in Unison” to make your event a success!

Sales and events coordinator Geneviève Dumont

Geneviève Dumont

Geneviève Dumont

Sales and events coordinator

“Her biggest dream is to make a difference in people’s lives!”

Being above all a woman of heart, Geneviève enjoys human contact, taking care of others and above all, ensuring that everyone is happy and satisfied.

Several years ago, she chose to reorient her career in event planning, which allowed her to build on the experience gained over more than 25 years in business management.

Project management, coordination and solution-finding are an integral part of her professional career.

Her passion for diversity, challenge and her sense of leadership are the reasons why she chose this environment. She enjoys being in the field, making sure everything is going well and, if necessary, finding solutions to the various challenges that arise. Her strength is to develop a project from A to Z and deliver it while respecting all constraints and deadlines.

Geneviève’s career has given her the privilege of working with renowned speakers and has led her to organize major events. Wanting to use her professional background, her sense of organization, her personal journey and her desire to make a difference in people’s lives, it is with heart that Geneviève joins the Unison team!

Geneviève will take great care of your events, your speakers, your team and your goals!