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A keynote by Daniel Blouin

In this conference, which has enjoyed incredible success throughout the French-speaking world and which is taken from the best-selling book, Sorties de Zone  as well as its sequel, Entrées de Zone, the author and international speaker  Daniel Blouin shares his many anecdotes, experiences and lessons learned at course of his professional and personal journey. All his anecdotes and very concrete examples prove to us that extraordinary results only occur outside our comfort zones. Books and a conference that have helped thousands of people around the world turn their resistance to change into a springboard.

For each of us, there comes a time when our professional or personal life imposes a difficult change on us. Whether we like it or not. Meeting this challenge will automatically involve leaving a stressful and sometimes even very distressing comfort zone. Fears too often hold us back. Fear of the unknown or of failure are among the biggest obstacles that hinder us in achieving our goals. The very idea of ​​stepping out of your comfort zone to simply progress and grow is often terrifying. However, taking action is usually very beneficial.

Daniel Blouin has never hesitated to face the stress and discomfort of a change when he felt the need. He tells us about his many exits from the zone which allowed him to remain faithful to his objectives, his aspirations and his dreams, despite the risks that ensued. He highlights his realizations, the triggers, his doubts and the obstacles encountered in order to inspire and stimulate those who feel the need to go to the limit of their abilities, but who do not yet dare to take the plunge. ‘stock.

This conference will allow you to:

  • Find your flame and your motivation
  • Facilitate and accelerate your desired change
  • Identify your first actions to take
  • Persevere in change
  • Reach your full potential

The 4 Zone Exits discussed during the conference

  1. Comfort zone:  The zone where you feel safe and in control.
  2. Zone of fear:  The zone where you lack confidence, where you make excuses and where you are influenced by the opinion of others.
  3. Learning Zone:  The zone where you face trials and problems, where you learn new skills, and where you expand your comfort zone.
  4. Growth Zone:  The area where you discover your life purpose, where you live your dreams, where you set new goals, and where you achieve your goals.

And all this despite your fear of:

  • The opinion of others
  • financial insecurity
  • failure
  • the unknown
  • Or your lack of confidence