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A keynote by Sébastien Sasseville

Collaborate more efficiently to achieve remarkable results.

In this awe-inspiring keynote supported by breathtaking audiovisuals, you will deepen your knowledge on how to build, lead, and motivate high-performing teams.

From mount Everest to the Race Across America, Sébastien Sasseville stresses that everything he has accomplished was a collective effort and success. This awe-inspiring keynote supported by breathtaking audiovisuals provides tools to build unstoppable teams, to build trust, to increase engagement, ownership, accountability, cohesion, and performance.

This keynote is perfect for leaders and teams looking to achieve extraordinary results in challenging environments. Sebastien provides a fresh perspective on the century old challenges of the breaking silos in our organizations, and he enables organisations to unite around one shared goal, vision, and mission.

Loaded with actionable insights on how to better collaborate to drive results, this keynote will supercharge your motivation and inspire you to set massive goals, as a team.

Sébastien Sasseville has spoken globally for clients such as SAP, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Hewitt, Airbus, and KPMG.

• How to create a mission more important than individual success.
• Tools to build a collaborative mindset.
• See beyond their roles and responsibilities and act as one.
• The three pillars of collaboration: Want to collaborate, can collaborate, know how to collaborate.
• How to communicate and collaborate with other business units to eradicate silos.
• Build strong connections amongst our teams to increase resilience.
• How to go from strangers, to team, to family.
• Concepts to understand the links that make us all codependent and coresponsible.
• Learn how to ask for help and let others shine.
• How to build empowered and autonomous teams to increase performance.
• How to create a mission more important than individual success.
• How to create a climate of safety within the team.
• How to leverage everyone’s top strengths.
• How to build a culture of extreme accountability.

• 45-60-75-90 minutes

Supported by breathtaking imagery and also available in the Immersive Keynote Experience format.

Each keynote is customized and aligned with your objectives. Sébastien will work closely with your team to build the perfect message.