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A keynote by David Bernard

The ability to relate to others is often the key to success. Creating sympathy and openness, getting your ideas across, inspiring and motivating… all these skills can be learned! This conference proposes powerful strategies and techniques to amplify your charisma and positively influence others while encouraging their collaboration.

Regardless of age, gender, or occupation, this interactive presentation is a must. You will learn how to build trust with a stranger in less than 5 minutes and turn resistance into openness. Delivered with dynamic energy and humor, this presentation is sure to create a positive impact in your organization… so you can have one with your clients!


  1. The keys to effective communication and collaboration ;
  2. The Prattfall effect and the unsuspected power of humility;
  3. The basics of non-verbal communication;
  4. Creating a relationship of trust quickly;
  5. The 3-step solution approach.