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Emotional Intelligence and Performance Psychology

A keynote by Isabelle Fontaine

Possible adaptations:

  • The Art of Surfing Waves of Change
  • How to become an Inspired and Inspiring Team Player
  • Generating Performance, Charisma and Energy

Learn how to…

  • develop the ability to shift mental states as circumstances
    demand and learn to skilfully manage your emotional energy.
    “Emotion = Energy In Motion = Fuel to Drive On!”;
  • use the internal pharmacy of your body to concoct the biochemical
    cocktail of top performance euphoria. That way, you can train
    emotional fitness, build resilience
    and get a thrilling sense of
  • immunize yourself against “energy drainers” and inspire them
    instead through the force of “limbic synchronization”;
  • recharge your inner battery that risks getting used and abused
    by endless change. Learn how to tap into your fighting spirit.