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FROM MT EVEREST TO THE SAHARA Change, agility and transformation

A keynote by Sébastien Sasseville

From mount Everest to the Sahara, to the Race Across America, Sébastien had to adapt to survive and conquer. Supported by cinematic visuals, this awe-inspiring keynote helps organisations and individuals to adopt an enthusiastic posture toward change.

Endurance athletes like Sebastien must continually adapt to new environments. Your audience will be motivated by Sébastien’s mind blowing adventures and inspired to take a first step, to embrace change and to change first and proactively to win.

For a successful transformational journey, we must always remember why we seek to evolve. To stay relevant, to serve and to continue to bring value, we must accept to change to how, to continue to serve the why. Sébastien’s accomplishments are made more impressive by the fact that he lives with type 1 diabetes. The disease, an obstacle he did not choose, adds a massive layer of complexity to all his endeavours. Sebastien overflows with optimism and his story is a testament that adversity can be transformed in opportunity.

Sébastien Sasseville has spoken globally for clients such as SAP, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Hewitt, Airbus, and KPMG.

• Take a first step
• Experiment and focus on learning
• Take more calculated risks
• Start, and accept that we don’t have all the answers
• Change first to win
• Differentiate danger and discomfort
• Be in constant evolution to remain relevant
• Accept a part of imperfection during transformation and continue to move forward
• Understand the cost of inaction
• Build a sense of urgency and a culture of initiative
• Let go of the fear of change

Change, agility, courage, consistency, adaptation, resilience, endurance

• 45 to 90 minutes, with or without Q&A.
• Available in the Immersive Keynote Experience format.
• A guaranteed WOW! Hundreds of positive references and over 750 motivational keynotes delivered in North America, Europe, and Asia.