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A keynote by Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

Understanding and Conquering Procrastination, Overthinking, Bad Habits and Imposter Syndrome.

In the fast-paced business world, stressors like imposter syndrome, overthinking, bad habits and procrastination can severely hinder productivity and job satisfaction.

“Studies reveal that 85% of people suffer from a lack of self-confidence, while 70% admit to experiencing imposter syndrome at work. “

Imposter syndrome, marked by feelings of fraudulence and inadequacy, undermines confidence and stifles initiative, leading to missed opportunities and career stagnation. Overthinking traps individuals in analysis paralysis, delaying decision-making and compromising quality, while procrastination and bad habits breeds rushed work, missed deadlines, and heightened stress levels.

“Research demonstrate that we lose in average 2.5 hours per day in this kind of emotional drama.”

For an organization of 100 employees, at an average of $30 per hour, this translates to a $1,800,000 loss per year. People know what they want or need to do, and yet, sometimes, they do the reverse or do nothing at all, sending the ball over to someone else, wasting valuable time and energy.

GET INTO ACTION explores the reasons behind overthinking, bad habits, imposter syndrome and procrastination. You will acquire a better understanding of how to break free from these toxic cycles and take action towards achieving your goals. You will leave with practical strategies to implement immediately that will contribute to cultivate environments conducive to innovation, productivity, and well-being.

• Why do we procrastinate, overthink, self-sabotage?
• What causes imposter syndrome?
• Types of procrastination.
• Four stages of learning.
• How to identify the cause of your bad habit: Intention Behind the Behaviour
• Strategies to exit a toxic loop.
• Powerful questions to ask yourself to get into action.
• How to eliminate distractions and tackle a task ahead?