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How to Add Greater Meaning to your Work and your Life?

A keynote by Isabelle Fontaine

Learn how to…

  • avoid doing “just enough to get by” on the job and transform
    your job into a vocation;
  • rise above the “clockers” and “slackers”. Are you “doing your time” or
    are you “taking time” in the present moment to contribute fully?
  • break the habit of “Me, Myself and I” and pride yourself on
    being a giver. Aim to be of service to others rather than serving
    yourself first;
  • turn off the automatic pilot and turn yourself on to what you
    normally take for granted, spicing up the blandness of daily
    work. “Hedonic Adaptation”
    is the enemy of happiness;
  • stop “working in silos” and train a core of internal coaches – zest
    for life ninjas – who would raise the energy of all and generate a
    new group synergy.