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Jumpstart courage: Step Up to the Next Level

A keynote by Isabelle Fontaine

Learn how to…

  • get into “the zone”: that state of intensity where anything is
    possible because you are at the top of your game;
  • deal boldly with discomfort and the risk of change by refusing
    to be paralyzed by the fear of losing your assets;
  • get the upper hand on anxiety by mastering the neurochemistry
    of stress and bravery in order to build self-confidence;
  • free yourself from the trap of those excuses and moods that
    confine you into the role of “playing small”;
  • jumpstart your battery and give yourself a boost, overcoming
    the fatigue that keeps you from getting things done;
  • choose to be accountable and refuse to blame external circumstances from doing whatever it takes to make things happen!