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The psychology of communication, a powerful business tool

A keynote by Sara Gilbert

Psycholinguistic, a powerful business tool

…help your clients make better decisions with the art of strategic communication…

The words we use have a huge impact of the people we serve and lead.

We’ve all been in situations where we know we can make a difference in our client’s and future clients’ life, but just can’t find the right words to help them and take action on your advice and recommendations.

These situations only lead to more frustration

  • For you, because the client doesn’t take action
  • For your potential client, because they are still looking for a trusted professional, a solution to help them
  • For your client, because they don’t achieve their goals and changes advisor, professional… hoping to achieve their objectives and realize his dreams, his aspirations


…now, imagine…

  • Having the skills to influence your clients to achieve their goals more easily and quickly
  • Having the superpower to anticipate when your client won’t take action on your recommendation and proactively change that outcome
  • Help your future clients implement your advice by using simple trigger words to activate “reflexes” in their brain

If you’re in business, it’s because you want to make a difference in the lives of your clients and future clients.

You have the experience and expertise to help them. You have the information and the solutions to meet their needs. But… something is preventing you from really having the impact you want to have.

You also know that your level of success depends on your ability to get your clients and future clients to follow to your advice and recommendations.

In this conference, we bring a clear understanding on how communication truly works, from behavioral patterns, linguistics style variations to help you better serve and make a difference in the lives of your clients and potential clients.


  • People’s decision-making process
  • Words to use and avoid in your conversations
  • The art of asking excellent questions
  • How to present your solutions in order to positively influence their decisions

And… how to position yourself as THE trusted professional with your clients and potential clients.


  • Have a greater impact on your clients’ lives (and… increase client retention)
  • Embody your role as a trusted professional (and…be their quarterback, their go-to person)
  • Build stronger business relationships with your clients and future clients (and… get more referrals)
  • Have a marketing message that resonates and delivers results (and… increase your business visibility)
  • Create memorable conversations and impact at networking events (and… improve your business networking skills)



‘I learned how to ask questions to get real answers. It helps create an even bigger impact with clients, I feel it.’

‘I really learned a lot about how my brain works and therefore, how my clients’ brains work. What surprised me was that this new knowledge allowed me to greatly improve my mindset.’

‘…combines several elements of communication and psychology, helping to influence oneself, and to influence others better.’

‘I realised how important words and impactful questions are when speaking with a client.’

Understanding how the words we use impact actions and decisions is such a game-changer, for you, for them and for your business.