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A keynote by Frédéric Dion

Frédéric Dion is off on a crazy adventure – crossing Antarctica across the south pole of inaccessibility and the geographical South Pole. Using the wind to travel on skis pulled by a kite, the adventurer quickly learned that is ally will also be his worst enemy. Blizzards, sled breakdowns, fire in the tent…the problems were numerous throughout this extreme adventure. Fear and doubt required constant management to complete this dream adventure and set three speed records in the largest white desert on the planet.


With the help of technological feats that bring together sound, lighting and HD images, Frédéric will help you experience Antarctica in a unique way. If you believe that that the presentation will only take place on stage, you are in for some surprises!


L’Antidoute, project management, emotional intelligence, resilience, motivation and creativity