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A keynote by Martin Lespérance

Leadership in the new economy

In today’s world, we much too often place the leader tag on people who have just been appointed to a leadership position, but this does not mean that they have the qualities required to make a real IMPACT !

What is leadership in the new economy where challenges for leaders are increasing? When it comes to embodying the vision, inspiring teams, managing results, improving performance, involving shareholders and boards of directors, and more, how does one become a leader with IMPACT ?

In this inspiring talk, IMPACT !, Martin presents the best practices resulting from more than 20 years of experience in leading teams

Whether as the captain of the 2001 Canadian university hockey team, chairman of hundreds of volunteers (800) with a mission to raise millions of dollars for people with cancer (2007 to 2012), or his observations on the ground collaborating with some of the best organizations and entrepreneurs in the world, Martin will share the best strategies for:

  • Becoming a leader with IMPACT;
  • The pitfalls of leadership;
  • The best practices of leadership through inspiration and impact;
  • The three pillars of IMPACT and how to embody them: Leader, Coach, Mentor.