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Taking back control! And bringing back the fun.

A keynote by Martin Lespérance

Do you finish your days, worked hard, tired and say to yourself: Damn I haven’t accomplished a thing…

Are you tired?

Do you sometimes miss time/events with the family?

Do you like to be controlled?

I have nothing new to show you.

To better communicate with your team, to be understood, to delegate effectively, to foster accountability, to make better follow-ups, to work better as a team, to plan effective meetings…

I’ll help you think differently to

  • Better manage yourself.
  • Take back control.
  • Respect yourself.
  • LEAD yourself before LEADING others.
  • And bringing back the FUN at work and in life.

We’ll change MINDSET and review some basic skills, so you take back control!

Format: Keynote 60-90 minutes