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The client of tomorrow, understanding their behaviors to guide them better

A keynote by Sara Gilbert

The customer of the future – understanding consumer psychology

…understand to serve better…

According to the Word Economic Forum, the pandemic has propelled us into a new era. We’ve transcended from the information age to the age of wisdom and perspective.

What does this mean for clients? How has this new era and the pandemic changed the values, priorities and behaviors of customers?

And now, how do these changes influence your approach to your clients and potential clients?

Well, that is exactly what we will be discussing in this lecture.


  • The fundamental elements that form this new era
  • Client expectations, the post-pandemic pivot
  • How to position yourself, set yourself apart and distinguish yourself in this new era


This conference is completely tailored as it influences many business areas:

  • Client experience
  • Marketing & social media strategies
  • Business development initiatives

A thorough analysis of your needs and desires is required in order to deliver the most action-driven conference for your team.