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THE IMMERSIVE KEYNOTE EXPERIENCE Unique, spectacular, impactful.

A keynote by Sébastien Sasseville

Elevate your meeting and deliver a one-of-a-kind experience your audience will talk about for years to come with customized projections, lighting, music and more.

Experience the environment and feel the thrill of reaching an impossible goal. This flabbergasting experience will inspire your organisation to set larger-than-life goals and overcome all obstacles.

The immersive keynote experience is designed for organizations and event planners looking to push the limits of creativity. Best suited for larger stages and events, this breathtaking audiovisual experience combined with Sébastien’s powerful insights and awe-inspiring stories always leaves a jaw-dropping impression.

Any of Sebastien’s keynotes can be delivered in the Immersive Keynote Experience format. Sebastien’s top three topics are teamwork, leadership, and change.

The magic happens before the event. Each keynote is customized, and Sebastien will work closely with your team to create the perfect messaging.

• Collaboration with your AV team.
• Customization of the audiovisual materials to suit the venue.
• A large bank of existing audiovisual material for quick turnaround.
• Flexible options to suit your budget.
• Arrival one day in advance for rehearsal and technical tests.

• 60 to 90 minutes.
• A guaranteed WOW!
• A veteran speaker with over 750 keynotes delivered in North America, Europe, and Asia.