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THE MISSION, A LEADERSHIP STORY An awe-inspiring purpose driven story for leaders

A keynote by Sébastien Sasseville

Sébastien Sasseville led high-performing teams and empowered them to achieve top performance in the most challenging environments on the planet. This session is customized for leaders looking to lead with purpose, and to become more inspiring leaders to get the best out of their teams.

This session is a defining moment for leaders looking to bring more humanity, love and cohesiveness in their practice. This action-packed keynote will also supercharge your ambition and leave you with concrete tools to lead your teams to the highest levels of performance.

Also an athlete, and author, Sebastien is known to deliver astounding talks supported by breathtaking imagery. He delivers a mind-blowing inspirational story anchored in purpose, humility, and the desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Sébastien Sasseville has spoken globally to thousands of leaders for clients such as SAP, Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Hewitt, Airbus, and KPMG.

• Create engagement and inspire their teams.
• Enable their teams to deliver their best work.
• Create trust to improve performance.
• Lead with purpose.
• Be an inspiring leader.
• Create other leaders and autonomous teams.
• Build resilient teams.
• Embody the mission and the vision of the organization.
• Recognize leadership moments and act as a leader.
• Show up in a position of service.
• Recognize the importance of their role.
• Realize their increase responsibility.

• 45-60-75-90 minutes, with or without Q&A.
• Available in the Immersive Keynote Experience format.
• Each keynote is customized and aligned with your objectives. Sébastien will work closely with your team to build the perfect message.