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THINK Yourself® CONFIDENT – KEYNOTE – Finding Confidence to Ignite Performance& Boost Resilience in Times of Change

A keynote by Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

“If you don’t learn to control your emotions, your emotions will control you!”

Studies reveal that 85% of people suffer from a lack of self-confidence, while 70% admit to experiencing imposter syndrome at work. This draining negative self-talk leads to procrastination, creates unnecessary stress, and wastes valuable time and energy. Negative self-talk also creates resistance to change as employees struggle with uncertainty and convince themselves they can’t learn new skills or adapt to the changes facing them.

A lack of self-confidence can lead to toxic work environments, demotivated employees, and unnecessarily high employee turnover rates. A lack of focus leads to excessive “squirrel brain” at work – contributing to even more stress and creating an enormous drain on productivity.

Conversely, when employees learn to be more confident and focus their thoughts, they will be happier, more innovative, and far more productive. They’ll communicate with greater confidence and clarity. They’ll experience far less stress. And they’ll be more likely to step up as a leader on their teams.

And when your employees gain more confidence and focus, the impact will be felt throughout your team, and ultimately, your entire organization!

Nathalie’s THINK Yourself® CONFIDENT keynote is engaging, fun and informative. Whether it’s frontline employees facing disruption, salespeople struggling with how to handle rejection, or first-time supervisors needing a dose of confidence to step into their new roles, the proven system Nathalie shared in her 8 International No.1 Bestsellers will help your team perform at their fullest potential!

• Brain Basics: What neuroscience teaches us about harnessing the power of our brains to unlock our potential and improve performance.

• The Power of Positivity: Learn an effective tool that will help employees stay motivated and feel more positive – even during challenging times!

• Responding vs. Reacting: Discover a simple but effective technique that will help your employees choose a healthier response in the face of a conflict or stressful event.

• Nixing Negative Self-Talk: Learn a two-step technique that transforms negative self-talk into energizing positive talk.

• Working on Purpose: Work has an enormous impact on our lives and a sense of purpose is the #1 motivational influence at work! How focusing on purpose helps employees overcome obstacles and remain energized.

• Leading for a Change: Ideas to help employees be more resilient while embracing change instead of running away from change!

• Collaborative Confidence: Research shows that when just one employee underperforms, the entire team’s performance suffers. Conversely, creating more confident employees leads to vastly improved team and company-wide results!

• Turning Ideas into Action: Leveraging the power of an accountability partner to make sure the strategies and ideas last!