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Captain Robert Piché

Captain, Speaker and Adventurer

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Captain Robert Piché

Captain Robert Piché made international headlines after an emergency landing of a flight, Toronto- Lisbonne, that ran out of fuel over the Atlantic Ocean with 304 people on board.

Captain Piché was in command of a A-330 Airbus carrying 291 passengers and 13 crew members. He was forced to perform an emergency landing without engines in the Azores, Portugal.

After 18 minutes of gliding Captain Piché and his crew managed a successful landing. This endeavor is considered to be the greatest achievement in the world of modern aviation.

Whether your team needs inspiration to face the coming changes or congratulations for the work done, Captain Piché will touch and inspire on both personal and professional aspects.

Believe: If you believe it, the others will follow you and the solution will impose itself

Decision making: In crisis situation or change, decision making becomes essential; crucial if your life depends on it.

Stress management: How to successfully manage our own stress when we know better than anyone that the results are nothing less than the death of 304 people.

Communication: How to communicate your orders to a crew and prevent panic get to them when each person is facing her own death.

Leadership & Responsibilities: The importance of taking the lead and assume a leadership role.

Experience: When technology lets us down, that does not remove our experience and this is priceless.




  • I would say that Robert Piché is one of the best storytellers I heard. His lecture is delivered as if we were a group of friends with whom he speaks in a living room … It needs no artifice, no support other than itself so it is warm and endearing … Outstanding !!!!!
    Manuel Hurtubise Manuel Hurtubise Productions
  • To my captain, as always, I say thank you! Because of your life experiences, because of your strength, because of your skill, because of your courage, because of your faith in yourself and your craft, we all made it through that fateful day. For you by example have shown us that out of a bad situation a lot of good can come. Greatness isn’t born, it is attained. It is from extraordinary circumstances that extraordinary people are made, and you, my dear Captain Piche, are extraordinary. Thank you for all that you are and all that you continue to be. Yours most sincerely,
    Elisa Benard – passenger 1K
  • Thank you so much for your contribution at this year Flight Operational Forum Norway(FoF), as you can see the participants gave you a very very good feedback. Before, the best score was 1.0, you got 1.82 and was rated the best! Best regards! Thanks for sharing.
    Morten Kjellesvig Manager / Daglig leder FoF Oslo, Norway







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