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Sébastien Louis XVI

Keynote Speaker

Magician and Artist

Sebastien Louis XVI Keynote Speaker

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The long-standing relationship between Sébastien Louis-XVI and magic is similar to that between the moon and the Earth: an inexhaustible magnetism binds them together. This ever-growing fascination, which began at the age of 6, continues to feed the artist eager for new illusions to integrate into his shows. Young, charismatic and passionate, he now has several television appearances to his credit. Most of his TV appearances are very easy to find on youtube.

After a three-year tour with the mega production “Les FantastiX” he is currently working on the show “La Magie des stars” which is entering its fourth season after three successful seasons! He plays the role of star coach who teaches Quebec artists to do grandiose magic and is also a magic consultant on the show’s creative team. He is therefore one of those who create, not only the magic, but also the different scenes and the original ideas for staging. To put his creativity and knowledge to work as a magic consultant is also one of his dreams come true.

A great step in the process of pursuing his ultimate dream: To present his “one man show” to the general public and make a difference, in his own way. The dream is in full creation and each of his performances is one more step in the right way. The situation related to the Covid has however forced him to reinvent himself by creating a brand new virtual show that can be presented through the different screens available: laptop, computer, giant screens… Like what magic has no limits!

Now it’s your turn to let yourself be charmed!!!



  • Full of talent, he has everything to succeed!
    Alain Choquette
  • Wow, he was born to be on a stage!
    René Simard
  • Needless to say, you really have it all. I love your magic!
    José Gaudet


Sébastien Louis XVI Conférencier, artiste Magicien


Sébastien Louis XVI


    • Each presentation can be given in EnglishFrench or both.
    • Possible duration : 60 or 75 minutes
    • Number of attendees: from 5 to 5000.
    • We always take the time to customize the presentations to your organization, your needs and your expectations.

    • Our goal is to make your experience as valuable and engaging as possible!




Sébastien Louis XVI Conférencier, artiste Magicien

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