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Isabelle Fontaine

Inspiring Speaker on Emotional Intelligence and Communication

Isabelle-Fontaine Inspiring Speaker

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Building on years of university teaching, television appearances and a series of over 2500 presentations to some 2000 organizations and counting, ISABELLE FONTAINE has become today’s premier go-to speaker in performance psychology.

She travels the world seeking out emerging mind-related breakthroughs in the neuroscience and neurobiology of emotions. Fascinated by the psychological, physiological and biological mechanisms that help people tap into their inner power, she helps people to unlock their courage, charisma and leadership potential.

With the right dose of sharp insight, emotionally engaging content and galvanizing enthusiasm, Isabelle conveys the complexities of neuroscience terms to her audience in clear and straightforward terms. In her two best-selling books, EMPOWER and LE COURAGE, she further explores emotional intelligence and performance psychology.

On stage, Isabelle is a powerhouse of energy! Her fiery charisma captures the audience and her entertaining delivery keeps them on the edge of their seats right to the end of the show, in that pulsating zone she is known to generate.

She shows the audience how to consciously move into “the zone” by learning how to produce the biochemical cocktail of top performance. By following her lead, they get a taste of what life would be like if they were in full control of their energy levels.

Participants emerge from the “ISABELLE EXPERIENCE” empowered with practical tools and strategies to rekindle their own zest for life. They are set on a path to injecting themselves with a dose of higher meaning, which leads to a renewed drive for excellence in vital aspects of their lives.



  • What an experience! You finely balanced the content by presenting scientific references and striking anecdotes, while also engaging participants in practical exercises full of emotions. You kept them captivated all day long. In short, you literally set the house on fire!
  • It is rare to find a speaker who delivers such rich content while also deeply touching people. From now on, you are the reference!
    National Bank Financial Group
  • “Each of us came out equipped, motivated, energized, with the profound feeling of being able to apply our new knowledge as much to our personal lives as to our professional lives.
    Senior Consultant



Isabelle Fontaine Keynote Speaker's


    • Each presentation can be offered on location, online or both.
    • We can combine elements from two or more keynotes.
    • Each presentation can also be offered in a training and / or workshop mode.
    • Each presentation can be given in English, French or both.
    • Possible durations: between 45 minutes and a full-day. The most popular formats are 60, 75, 90 minutes, as well as a half-day.
    • Number of attendees: from 5 to 5000.
    • We always take the time to customize the presentations to your organization, your needs and your expectations.
    • Our goal is to make your experience as valuable and engaging as possible!

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